Yoga with Carol Soutar

Come and join me at The Secret Garden Retreat which can be found on a very lovely piece of land with wonderful views on the outskirts of the historical village of Cherven, 35km from Ruse in North East Bulgaria.  

This ongoing project is being developed by Carol Soutar from Scotland who bought the 4,000 square metre site in 2006 and has been living in Bulgaria and working on the project since 2008.  The Secret Garden Retreat will be open to receive paying guests from Spring 2014.

Accommodation available: Guest House, Caravan and Tipis. You can also bring your own tent  and experience the joys of wild camping with the luxury of access to showering and cooking facilities

An ideal place to take " Time Out "

Optional yoga tuition available from Carol, who 
specialises in private tuition for those who want to develop a personal yoga practice.